Yard Clean Up

You may refer to “spring clean-up” or “fall clean-up”, but these are both services performed to spruce up a yard that has been covered up, or neglected, the entire winter. Or after summer, in preparation for the dormant season.

Your yard and the remainder of your outdoor property need some care and attention during these two seasons to set up your landscape for the developing season.

A spring yard cleanup can be summed up into the following list of tasks. These actions are basic and necessary for preparing your yard

  1. Eliminating debris and litter from your flower beds and turf

2. Preparing the right conditions for flower beds to thrive

3. Planting or planning to plan new plants and flowers

4. Weed removal

5. Pruning bushes

6. Applying or renewing mulch

Yard debris removal

An effective and exhaustive spring yard cleanup prepares your grass for summer, however, you can also do what follows:

  • Remove dog defecation
  • Remove dead grass, pinecones, fallen and rottening fruits, leaves etc.

One of the principal spring cleanup goals to handle is eliminating the litter you’ve accumulated in your yard throughout the span of the colder time of year.

Another unsavory assignment in spring yard cleanup is canine defecation removal. Furthermore, you cannot compost canine defecation, for a similar explanation you shouldn’t attempt to compost feline defecation: Carnivore excrement contain microorganisms, the expulsion of which through the fertilizing the soil interaction is best left to specialists.

Spring Clean Up

Prune Trees and Shrubs

When tree or shrub branches have been damaged through winter cold, wind and snow, try to prune them back to their live stems. Use a handsaw for any part which is larger than ½ inch in diameter. You can choose to shape your hedges using hand pruners, as a substitute than electric powered shears: this will prevent the growth of a thicker layer to form, which will keep daylight and air from making it to the shrub’s core. As for flower-bearing shrubs, prune them before the forming of buds. However wait to prune the spring bloomers, until after they have fully flowered.

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